BMW Safety Experience

Would you like to be a better and safer driver?

Become a more skilled and self-assured driver on the road. BMW Safety Experience is designed to equip drivers with the necessary skills to confidently respond to unforeseen traffic scenarios and continue driving as if nothing unexpected had occurred.


  • Saftey Briefing
  • Briefing and practical driving excerices on slippery surfaces
  • Practical training in driving dynamics
  • Lunch & snacks
Training vehicle

Current BMW models


Ring Knutstorp


10 particpants per group

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During the extensive theory session, topics such as the correct sitting posture, steering techniques and risk recognition are discussed.

Warm up

Before we get started we will do a warm up and get used to the car

Emergency braking & avoiding

Learn how to avoid obstacles while braking hard and bring the car to a controlled stop. You will also be aware of what happens when it dosen’t go as planned.


Get to know the dynamics of the car in continuous fast lateral movements

Over- and understeering

Here you must address your vehicle’s steering characteristics on slippery surfaces. You will learn how to safely handle the car when traction is lost. These manuvers are conducted on a surface made to resemble an icy road.

Emergency Lane Change

We teach you to have full control over your car during sudden steering movements. Avoid obstacles and change lanes safely. It’s very spectacular when you get the hang of it