Sheer Driving Pleasure

Experience BMW to the fullest

Under the direction of M-certified instructors, we offer fast-paced and educational BMW Driving Experience courses where you will experience the car’s full potential.

In addition to exceptional driving experiences and memories of an eventful day, BMW’s driver training helps to increase your ability to overcome obstacles on the road and master unforeseen situations in traffic.

BMW Winter Driving Experience

BMW Winter Experience offers you an eventful and challenging driving course where you as a participant under safe circumstances will be able to develop your skills as a driver on snow and ice.


Available dates

BMW M-Experience

Behind the wheel of the new BMW M3 Competition, M-certified instructors will teach you how you optimize your driving technique through the following exercises: dynamic slalom-, break- and evasive maneuvers, finding right track selection with guide points and in and outgoing speed of curves.


Available dates

Training opportunities and track M-Experience

Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp

  • Measuring up to 4,025 meters this track is divided into three loops and is perfect for the race track.
  • Upcoming dates will be published soon

Falkenbergs Motorbana

  • Swedens fastest track in terms of average speed and offers several challenging parties.
  • Upcoming dates will be published soon

Ring Knustorp

  • Very hilly and demanding course with a combination of fast and slow curves that measure up to 2,070 meters.
  • Upcoming dates will be published soon

Mantorp Park

  • Legendary racetrack where the training takes place on the short loop (1,868 meters)
  • Upcoming dates will be published soon


  • One of Sweden’s oldest motorways with technical curves and a ling straight. Measures 2,400 meters.
  • Upcoming dates will be published soon


Health and security for our participants, employees, and suppliers are a top priority for us at BMW Driving Experience. We follow the development and comply with Swedish Public Health Agency´s current advice and recommendations which we also adapt to the experience accordingly.